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Tough degree, new language... no problem

“The ability to study in both English and French is what really attracted me to the University of Ottawa. The great thing about doing my co-op engineering degree in both languages is that it provided me with more options at school and way more opportunities in the work force. I recommend it to everyone.”

Valérie Proulx, Bachelor’s Degree
Electrical Engineering, 2007

One of Valérie Proulx’s defining qualities is her love of good challenges. True to form, the Francophone from Gatineau, Quebec, chose the University’s demanding electrical engineering program in 2002 with the added goal of learning English along the way. She proved more than equal to the task, making the Dean’s Honour List every year, while completing half her courses in English and the other half in French.

Outside the classroom, Proulx was named the University’s Go Eng Girl representative in 2006, served as the project manager of a successful virtual company founded by electrical engineering students for a fourth-year design project, and received the Kipling Award for scholarship, leadership and service to the engineering and university communities at the Faculty of Engineering’s 2007 Iron Ring Ceremony.

After graduating with a specialty in telecommunications, Proulx accepted a project manager position with Bell Canada in Toronto, where she is gaining valuable telecom experience. Her goals? Improve her management and leadership skills, obtain an MBA, and become a senior executive. Challenging? Yes, but Valérie Proulx is clearly up to it.