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A message from the president

When I became president of the University of Ottawa in 2001, I did so with the objective of working closely with our faculty, staff and students to pursue the development of our academic achievements and to ensure that the University’s reputation truly reflect the significant accomplishments taking place on our campus. Today, I believe we are on the right track! We continue to add to our impressive list of achievements and to solidify our position as a leading national institution with an exceptional commitment to academic excellence.

Our list of accomplishments includes: a significant increase in the quantity and quality of our students; the renewal of our faculty, staff and administration; the creation of numerous innovative programs; the introduction of the largest and most successful fundraising initiative in our university’s history; substantial increases in funding that enhance our status as one of Canada’s leading research-intensive universities; and the development of a comprehensive academic facilities plan that ensures the continuing expansion of our campuses for years to come. These accomplishments contribute greatly to our reputation as a modern, research-based university focused on building the best quality learning environment for our students.

This report profiles a number of University of Ottawa students whose efforts contribute to the strengthening of our competitive edge in key areas such as interdisciplinary research, official-language leadership, knowledge creation, and the promotion of a uniquely Canadian perspective on the world stage.

As I approach the end of my tenure as president of the University of Ottawa, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to these students ─ and to our dedicated faculty and staff ─ for a job well done. It has been an equally rewarding experience working with you, the members of our community, and serving this outstanding institution.

Gilles G. Patry
President and Vice-Chancellor