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Immersion ... Even at University!

In Canada, more than 300,000 young anglophones study in French immersion programs at elementary and secondary schools each year. Beginning in September 2006, the University of Ottawa will give many of them the opportunity to pursue their education in French at the university level, becoming the first university to offer French immersion studies, which will be available in more than 50 programs and will be tailored to the language goals of each individual. Some courses will include a weekly tutorial session for small groups, led by a language professor, in order to help students better understand the material, improve their knowledge of the French language, and make it easier for them to write their assignments in Molière's language. Their efforts will be rewarded with the "French immersion" designation on their diplomas and, more importantly, by their level of bilingualism, an indisputable asset in the national and global job market.


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"Immersion... Even at University!"

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